South Island, New Zealand Peak Bagging List

These are all the South Island peaks we have in our system. The peaks marked ‘official’ are peaks that have been voted by our users as the highest quality pages and are paks that have met our classification system.

Unofficial peaks are pages that need more research and information, or are peaks that we not confident recommending.

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Official South Island Peaks

There are 26 peaks in this list.

Summit Height (m) Duration Distance (km) Difficulty Season Region List Status
Angelus Peak 2 days (return) 26.1 Hard January to April Nelson/Marlborough Official
Arthur, Mt 1,795 8 hours (return) 16.0 Hard December to April Nelson/Marlborough Official
Avalanche Peak 1,833 6-8 hours (return) 6.2 Hard Summer, autumn Canterbury Official
Ben Lomond 1,748 5-7 hours (return) 9.5 Hard November to April Otago/Southland Official
Ben Ohau 1,522 4-5 hours (return) 11.0 Medium Summer, autumn. Could be attempted at other times of year if not snow-covered. Canterbury Official
Black Hill 1,335 1-2 days (return) 28.0 Hard Canterbury Official
Botanical Hill 147 1 hour (return) 1.6 Easy All year Nelson/Marlborough Official
Bradley, Mt 855 4-7 hours (return or one-way, depending on the track taken) 10.0 Easy All year, closed for lambing August-October Canterbury Official
Cargill, Mt 676 4 hours (return) 3.4 Easy All year Otago/Southland Official
Flagstaff 668 1 hour (return) 3.4 Easy All year Otago/Southland Official
Gordons Pyramid 1,489 9 hours (return) 20.0 Hard Nov-April Nelson/Marlborough Official
Herbert, Mt 920 4-8 hours (return or one-way, depending on the track taken) 15.5 Easy Nov to July – closed for lambing August-October Canterbury Official
Iron, Mt 548 1.5 hours (return) 4.5 Easy All year Otago/Southland Official
Isobel, Mt 1,319 4 hours (return) 9.8 Medium November to April Canterbury Official
Key Summit 918 3 hours (return) 6.4 Medium Summer/Autumn Otago/Southland Official
Lodestone 1,462 4-5 hours (return) 6.6 Medium November to April Nelson/Marlborough Official
Oxford, Mt 1,364 7-8 hours (return) 13.0 Medium Canterbury Official
Queenstown Hill 907 2-3 hours (return) 8.9 Medium November to April Otago/Southland Official
Richardson, Mt 1,047 4-6 hours (return) 7.5 Medium Canterbury Official
Robert, Mt 1,421 5 hours (loop) 7.2 Medium December to April Nelson/Marlborough Official
Roys Peak 1,581 6-7 hours (return) 13.0 Hard Summer/Autumn (closed 1 October to 10 November for lambing) Otago/Southland Official
Sandymount 320 1 hour (loop) 3.4 Easy Nov to July (closed for lambing Aug 1 to Oct 31) Otago/Southland Official
Sebastopol 1,468 5 hours (return) 4.4 Medium Summer & Autumn Canterbury Official
Somers, Mt 1,688 8-10 hours (return) 10.0 Hard December to April Canterbury Official
Stokes, Mt 1,203 5-6 hours (return) 6.4 Medium All year Nelson/Marlborough Official
Thomas, Mt 1,023 6 hours (return) 6.4 Medium Canterbury Official

Unofficial South Island Peaks

There are 33 peaks in this list.

?Summit Height (m) ?Duration ?Distance (km) Difficulty ?Season ?Region ?List Status
Alfred, Mt 1,375 3-4 hours (one way) Medium Otago/Southland Unofficial
Brow Peak 1,015 5 return Medium all depending on snow Otago/Southland Unofficial
Castle Hill Peak 1,998 8 hours Canterbury Unofficial
Conical Hill (Routeburn Track) 1,515 Hard Oct to Apr Otago/Southland Unofficial
Dun Mountain 1,129 1-2 days Medium All year Nelson/Marlborough Unofficial
Fox, Mt 1,345 8 hours (return) 7.4 Hard You could walk up here all year round. However, if you want to avoid the snow and icy conditions the summer months are probably the most appropriate. West Coast Unofficial
Fyffe, Mt 1,602 7 hours Easy November to April Canterbury Unofficial
Grey, Mt 933 3 hours return Easy Patches can be muddy after heavy rain Canterbury Unofficial
Helicopter (Lyndon) Hill 1,256 3 hours Canterbury Unofficial
Isthmus Peak 1,385 Otago/Southland Unofficial
Kirwans Hill 1,297 2 days Medium Oct-May West Coast Unofficial
Lavericks Peak 755 1 hour Easy All year Canterbury Unofficial
Lindis Peak 1,226 Otago/Southland Unofficial
Little Criffel 1,341 Oct-May Otago/Southland Unofficial
Little Mt Peel 1,311 7 hours November to May Canterbury Unofficial
Luxmore,Mt 1,472 2-4 days Hard November to May Otago/Southland Unofficial
Mole Tops 1,780 1-2 days Medium Oct-May Nelson/Marlborough Unofficial
Mt Pisa 1,964 Otago/Southland Unofficial
Mt Snowdon 1,859 2 days, one way Hard Year round Nelson/Marlborough Unofficial
Mt. Luxmore 1,472 Medium Otago/Southland Unofficial
Mueller, Mt 1,630 1-2 days Hard West Coast Unofficial
Ollivier, Mt 1,933 2 days Hard January to April Canterbury Unofficial
Owen, Mt 1,875 2-3 days Medium Oct-May Nelson/Marlborough Unofficial
Peak Hill 1,240 Medium Canterbury Unofficial
Port Hills 573 All year Canterbury Unofficial
Richmond, Mt 1,756 2 days Oct-May Nelson/Marlborough Unofficial
Rocky Hill 777 3 hours Oct-May Otago/Southland Unofficial
Ryall, Mt 1,220 1-2 days Medium West Coast Unofficial
Sutton, Mt 2,007 4 hours Canterbury Unofficial
Technical, Mt (or The Apprentice) 1,870 1-2 days Hard November to May Canterbury Unofficial
The Monument 711 4 hours Easy All year Canterbury Unofficial
Titiroa, Mt 1,715 2-3 days Very Hard Otago/Southland Unofficial
Winterslow,Mt 1,700 8 hours Hard Canterbury Unofficial


Name Height
Region Difficulty Walk
Castle Hill Peak (or Foggy Peak) 1998 Canterbury 8 hours
Dun Mountain (or Little Twin) 1129 Nelson/Marlborough Medium 1-2 days All Year
Fox, Mt 1021 West Coast Very Hard
Fyffe, Mt 1602 Canterbury Easy 7 hours Nov to Apr
Grey, Mt 933 Canterbury Easy 3 hours
Helicopter (Lyndon) Hill 1256 Canterbury 3 hours
Kirwans Hill 1297 West Coast Medium 2 days Oct to May
Lavericks Peak 755 Canterbury Easy 1 hour All Year
Little Criffel 1341 Otago/Southland 7 hours Oct to May
Little Mt Peel 1311 Canterbury 7 hours Nov to May
Luxmore,Mt 1472 Otago/Southland Hard 2-4 days Nov to May
Mole Tops 1780 Nelson/Marlborough Medium 1-2 days Oct to May
Mueller, Mt 1630 West Coast Hard 1-2 days
Ollivier, Mt 1933 Canterbury Hard 2 days Jan to Apr
Owen, Mt 1875 Nelson/Marlborough Medium 2-3 days Oct to May
Port Hills 573 Canterbury All Year
Richmond, Mt 1756 Nelson/Marlborough 2 days Oct to May
Rocky Hill 777 Otago/Southland 3 hours Oct to May
Ryall, Mt 1220 West Coast Medium 1-2 days
Sutton, Mt 2007 Canterbury 4 hours
Technical, Mt (or The Apprentice) 1870/1678 Canterbury Hard 1-2 days Nov to May
The Monument 711 Canterbury Easy 4 hours All Year
Titiroa, Mt 1715 Otago/Southland Very Hard 2-3 days
Winterslow,Mt 1700 Canterbury Hard 8 hours