About us

Core Mission

To provide a list of accessible peaks to bag in New Zealand.

The list will contain a range of peak sizes and grades, at least some of which will be achievable for people from all age ranges and fitness levels. The list and website will provide goals and encouragement for everyone with an interest in tramping or walking, but especially for those who do not usually venture into the great outdoors.


During a trip to Scotland in 2002, we discovered the joys of Munro Bagging, and immediately wondered if such a peak bagging list existed for New Zealand. We quickly dismissed the idea however, as any such New Zealand list would be full of inaccessible and difficult alpine peaks. After bagging more peaks in Italy, Switzerland and Egypt, we caught the peak bagging bug, and just couldn’t let go of the idea of a New Zealand peak bagging list. Upon return to New Zealand in 2004, we started researching a list of North Island peaks we could bag, with plans to eventually compile a South Island list as well.

Eventually, the list started to take shape in the form of this website (www.peakbagging.co.nz), and finally went live in May 2008.