Seasons Explained

The Seasons item in our walking route information box is provided as a very general guide as to what time of year the peak can be bagged by walkers and trampers.

Points to note:

  • New Zealand weather is extremely changeable, and it can snow on many mountains at any time of year. Even on mountains where it never snows, heavy rain, mist, high winds, or even extreme heat and humidity are possible hazards at any time of year. You need to always be aware of the local weather forecast.
  • For visitors from the Northern Hemisphere, remember that New zealand seasons are the opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. That is, summer (in theory) runs from December to February, and winter from June to August.
  • Monthly ranges are usually to indicate one of two scenarios: 1. The approximate months when the mountain is likely to clear of snow and ice; 2. The months when the track is open, and not closed for reasons such as lambing.
  • All Year – generally used for lower or northern peaks that are clear of snow and ice all year round. Bear in mind though, that in winter, many peaks marked ‘All Year’ may be muddy, cold, and just generally unpleasant, depending on the conditions.

Remember: No matter what the time of year or forecast – you must always take adequate clothing & equipment, and check local conditions before setting out!