Duration Explained

Trying to give an accurate time frame for walking tracks is notoriously difficult. The times we have provided are for use as a general guide only, and please bear in the mind the following notes:

  • Everyone walks at a different pace, so giving accurate timings can be difficult.
  • Different weather and track conditions can affect the timings.
  • We don’t guarantee there aren’t errors or typos in our timings.
  • Timings are generally based on one or more of the following sources:
– DOC website, or other landowner websites
– Tramping guide books and/or pamphlets
– From information provided to us from walkers (via our forums or via email)
– From our own experience of walking the route. We consider ourselves slow walkers – most people pass us, both going up, and going down!
  • Timings given (especially those based on our own experiences) usually include allowing time for stopping at the summit (or otherwise taking time to stop and smell the mountain flowers along the way!)
  • Where possible we try to give a generous time indication. The times listed are not accurate walking times, and many people will be able to do them a lot faster. The duration timings we have listed should be read as the amount of time you need to allow in your day to complete the walk. e.g. A listing of 6 hours (return) means to allow a total of 6 hours for the return journey – but the actual breakdown might be something like: 3 hours up, 2 hours down, and 1 hour for rests.
  • It never does you any harm to add another hour or two to our timings if you think you might be a little slower for some reason.