Bradley, Mt

Mt Bradley

Mt Bradley is one of the many peaks located on the old volcanic landscape of Banks Peninsula. A trip to Mt Bradley can be completed as part of a longer walk which also takes in Mt Herbert or a shorter return walk to the mountain itself. The area is convenient to the Chrischurch urban area.

List Status Official
Elevation 855 m (2,805 ft)
Location/List South Island, New Zealand
Region Canterbury
Location Coordinates 43° 41′ 42″ S, 172° 42′ 36″ E
Nearest Town/s Christchurch
Range Banks Peninsula Summit
Geology Volcano
Recommended Route
Duration Help.gif 4-7 hours (return or one-way, depending on the track taken)
Distance 10.0 km (6.2 mi)
Start/End Points Kaituna Valley, Gebbies Pass, Diamond Head, Orton Bradley
Difficulty Help.gif Easy
Track conditions Help.gif Track, Marked Route
Season Help.gif All year, closed for lambing August-October
Sights Views around Banks Peninsula, Lyttleton Harbour, Southern Alps, the ‘Remarkable Dykes’
Hazards Mist , Steep bluffs

Getting There

By Car

There are numerous starting points for hiking up Mt Bradley, including Kaituni Valley, Gebbies Pass, Orton Bradley Park, or Diamond Harbour.

To start from Kaituna Valley, take SH 75 from Christchurch, and then turn left up Kaituna Valley Rd.

If starting from Gebbies Pass, drive from Christcurch via Governors Bay and at Teddington turn right to reach Gebbies Pass. To get to either Orton Bradley Park or Diamond Harbour, drive from Christcurch via Governors Bay and at Teddington turn left and continue around the Coast until you reach these locations.

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Our Recommended Route

A trip up Mt Bradley can be completed via a number of different routes, and could also be combined with a walk to the summit of Mt Herbert. The routes are as follows:

  • Return walk from Kaituna Valley, via Packhorse Hut: 4-5 hours return (closed for lambing Aug – Oct).

DOC Description: “This track is well sign-posted and passes the farm, following vehicle tracks up a bush-filled valley before climbing onto a big spur. It then follows the spur for some distance before reaching a farm track past Parkinsons Bush Reserve. This leads to the saddle and historic stone hut, well situated for the views.”

  • One-way walk from Gebbies Pass, via Packhorse Hut, Mt Herbert, and finish at Diamond Harbour: 5-6 hours

This route takes in both Mt Bradley and Mt Herbert. As it is one-way, you will need arrange transport at the end of the walk (e.g. have someone to pick you up, or take the ferry back to Lyttleton). After starting at Gebbies Pass, follow the track to the Packhorse Hut. From Packhorse Hut, the track angles up Mt Bradley (855 m). Do not attempt to go up if it is misty as there are bluffs on the Lyttleton side of Mt Bradley. Continue on to Mt Herbert, via a saddle and a Day Shelter. Mt Herbert is the highest point on Banks Peninsula at 920 m.

Views from Mt Bradley and Mt Herbert extend from Lyttleton Harbour and Banks Peninsula through to the Southern Alps. From Mount Herbert continue directly down to Diamond Harbour to complete the walk.

Of course, you could also simply return from either of the peaks and make this a return walk also.

  • Return or loop walk from Orton Bradley Park to Mt Bradley, and return via same route or alternative track back to Orton Bradley Park: 5-7 hours.

A trip directly to Mt Bradley can be conducted from the track beginning at Orton Bradley Park. From the Tableland Track climb up toward the Packhorse Hut. Once reaching Packhorse Hut, follow the follow the track that angles up Mt Bradley. Eventually the track comes to a saddle between Mt Bradley and Mt Herbert and you meet another track that takes you back to back to Orton Bradley.
The DOC Banks Peninsula Conservation Walks brochure outlines some of the options for walking on Banks Peninsula.

Route Options

The DOC Banks Peninsula Conservation Walks brochure outlines a variety of options for walking on Banks Peninsula.

Height Profile

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