Author Topic: Mt Tamahunga Trig ex Omaha Valley Road  (Read 3253 times)

Mt Tamahunga Trig ex Omaha Valley Road
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This climb has a bit of a reputation of being quite steep and wet.  It certainly was extremely wet and muddy in places but to be honest it is only a slightly relentless, moderate climb on mainly well formed tracks.  The masses of rain the region has had lately certainly made for a greasy and muddy climb though none of the wet sections were particularly impassable, all in a days work really

The forest is certainly interesting and different to the Hunuas and Waitakeres. It is open, seemingly semi tropical and plenty of strange fungi and friendly birds.  The trig itself is tall though with no views.  A lookout about 30 metres from the summit offers some views across Omaha Beach and the water.

The walk starts across farm land.  Today it was extremely boggy but we made it to the bush line where a well formed track quickly moves upward.  As you get higher there are more and more boggy sections.

Took only 2 hours 20 minutes (including 20 minutes at the top) in slippery conditions.  In summer I would think this would be an interesting but fairly easy hike up
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Re: Mt Tamahunga Trig ex Omaha Valley Road
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that sure is a tall trig!     and interesting how much that profile shot looks like Rangitoto.  similar shape anyway.....