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Manaia madness
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Yep, the name of the geocache up here pretty much depicts your state of mind required to get to the trig without local knowledge.

Both tracks are now currently closed, but both are easily accessed and perfectly safe. Park your car at the early settlers memorial. I would recommend going up the main track on the right (go in an anticlockwise direction). This is longer, but an easier gradient. Workmen are currently upgrading this and it is looking very good!

You eventually meet a crossroads not too far from the top. Turn right here which takes you to a lookout just around the corner. The views are fantastic! Then turn back and carry on up the way you were going before. Good views from the “summit” viewing platform, but even better ones from one of the protruding rocks nearby.

The trig is so close, but so far away...

The only prior knowledge I could glean was from a local we met who was walking back near the bottom. He said there were two ways to access the trig. If you turn right at the trig rock face and go out west, it becomes very exposed and is not recommended (he’d done it once before but wouldn’t try doing it again). I left OmaGosh and my pack and ventured out for a look when we got there - the track looked invitingly obvious this way. Strewth Vino, you’re not kidding mate! There is a point where the track narrows to a technically easy scramble, but the exposure is very, very real (even for a rockclimber!). I decided not to even try it as I remembered what the local had said and I didn’t know what was yet to be encountered around the corner. Looking back at some photos now, it doesn’t appear to get any easier either so I’m glad I didn’t try it and then have to reverse the moves afterwards.

Apparently the easiest and safest way is to turn left (east) at the base of the trig rock face instead and scramble up a crevice type feature. I think I found this point, and I scrambled up (itself quite steep). Wasn’t sure where to go from here. I ventured out to the right, and then out to the left - both ways not very safe. Also the possibility of up? After downclimbing I think I picked out a possible line, but by this time I’d just about had enough. Probably just as well, as now looking at the other photos I think I can see a more likely possibility.

My advice is that if you want to get to the trig, go with someone who knows the way!
I’ll still count this as a bag though for the effort involved  ;)

We took the quicker and more direct “closed” track down. The local we met earlier did warn us about a wasp nest about 2/3rds of the way down this track, so I was keeping a vigilent lookout in front. When OmaGosh started yelling behind me, I knew he’s found it :(
6 wasp stings later (none to me though) we were on our way again! Probably best not to come back this track for a while if you’re not into wasps. This occurance kind of dampened our enthusiasm for Bream Head this afternoon. Oh well, another trip up called for  :)

Make sure you stop at Eutopia at Kaiwaka. This is the most wonderful place and the food (and coffee!) is fantastic. A must do stopover!
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