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Tutamoe with OmaGosh
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The DOC driving directions were spot on for us driving up from Dargaville on good roads. The track is easy going up through the pine forest in the first half. It gets a little rougher and muddier as you venture into the bush, with it getting quite steep in the last section to the top. Boots would be a good idea if you're that way inclined. We surprised a couple of goats enjoying the view at the trig, but they left us gifts just to show there was no hard feelings  ;D
It took us just over 2 hours up with plenty of stops on the way. Nice 270 degree views from the top (but 360 if you're brave enough to climb to the very top of the trig).
Glad I didn't try to cheat and drive up the closer 'road' shown on the topo map. The only thing we crossed on the way up was an old quad bike track - not sure why that is even marked, never mind named!
As you're descending back down through the pines, make sure you keep a lookout for the track leaving the quad bike trail going up the hill to the left. Very easy to just keep following your nose and missing this (OmaGosh had his wits about him fortunately!).
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