Author Topic: Mt Hector 1529, Tararua Ranges  (Read 1941 times)

Mt Hector 1529, Tararua Ranges
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Solo:  Starting at Otaki Forks end with 15KG overnight pack on a wind warning day tramped 2Hrs to Field hut (the oldest public hut in the Tararuas, well built with a fire). 1:40 arrived at Kime hut, low visibility very cold, nobody around. :45min to Mt Hector Gale force winds tossed me around like a rag doll near impossible just to hold a camera semi still, clouded in and damp mist.  1:20 to Alpha intersection and another 1:20 down to Elder hut arriving around 4pm after 7:45 tramp from Otaki.  4pm is a bit early for me but I was exhausted after battling the head winds along the dress circle ridgeline so opted to stop at this very modern 4 bunks biviy for the night.  The hut rocked all night and the winds were deafening that I was actually concerned that it might be ripped open during the night but the wire cables did their job and held it down. Excellent cell ph. Coverage so highly recommend this hut. 
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