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1  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Rangitoto / Rangitoto kayak and tramp Date: August 30, 2018, 04:23:32 PM
Done the walk up Rangitoto several times in recent years, always after kayaking across and staying at the campsite at Motutapu.  Some great views from the top of Rangitoto when it's clear, both to the city, the Islands and distant Coromandel.
Well worth camping on Motutapu too, and a walk around the perimeter of this grassy island, beaches on the northern side.
2  South Island / Avalanche Peak / Great views on Avalanche Peak Date: March 15, 2009, 11:43:13 AM
Enjoyed some super views doing Avalanche Peak on my first trip to South Island a couple of weeks ago.

Did some great multi day walks in some mixed weather- didn't see much of the Routeburn :-( Caples was better, nearly got stranded on the Young-Wilkin having crossed a river to hut the prev eveining, heavy overnight rain made it virtually impossible to recross the next day (on 2nd attempt was only a few metres from the bank, but with it up to chest height, looking deeper and flowing fairly fast, we decided to turn back), luke warm hot pools on Cedar Flats before finishing with the Cass-Lagoon trip.

Anyway back on topic, did a there and back trip up Avanlanche Peak from Arthurs Pass village using Scotts Track.  In the right weather which it was for us, it's actually a straightforward trip, it took a fraction over 2hrs to the top from the village.  The routes clearly signposted through bush before emerging onto a ridge which is followed all the way to the top.  This section would be exposed to the wind, and last stretch after the steeper Avalanche Peak track joins from the left is a narrow ridge with drops to the right.

From the summit there is excellent views of the Mt Rollaston which has permanent snow glacier and other peaks, plus also across the pass to Mount Temple and others. 

It's well worth diverting to the impressive Devils Punchbowl Falls on the opposite side of the valley on the return, they come out of the sun's shadow in the early afternoon.

I've attached attached a few pics, really lucky with the weather, also a photo of a kea, of which they're were several around the summit area.
3  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Ruapehu, Mt / Ruapehu - did it but ought to have read prev reports! Date: February 12, 2009, 08:26:17 AM
I did Ruapehu, at least to the Dome Summit on Waitangi day in mixed misty and cloudy but warm and still conditions.  I walked up from the Bruce Car Park to where the main ski lifts finish, but then went wrong following a path marked Skyline viewpoint, which ultimately led me to a steep narrow ridge surrounded by glacier snow on both sides, I retreated back and then followed the ski lifts further right (south) from the base station and eventually discovered a path that was much easier to follow.

At that stage I was chasing the rising clouds up the mountain.  On the summit did get great views of the crater lake and the main summit (proper ice axe and crampons and steely nerve would be needed for that even in mid summer).  Views elsewhere were limited by the cloud.  Going down was less eventful.

I had some super views of Ruapehu when walking in the Kaimanawa Forest Park the next two days.

I would certainly have benefited from reading the prev reports on here, and in particular the map with the route.  I had a printed Topo Map from the memorymap software but there's no patch marked at all, and the start's not signposted either unless I am mistaken.
4  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Kohukohunui / Re: Kohukohunui Date: September 03, 2008, 05:15:59 PM
I did this on sunday, also the Moumoukai Hill Road route, though having also cycled from Auckland (well Cockle Bay) it made for a long day!  I then cycled to where the track departs from the Mine Road.  At first the track is very easy going, indeed was tempted to have taken the bike further!  The latter bit was quite muddy though, so I can imagine other routes being much longer.

It's not a great hill for views, the best being on the forest roads.  I went to the Kohukohunti 2 trig (marked at 688m on my map) above the shelter, but from the top the other hill K1 looked higher!  Hopefully that doesn't mean another trip is due to confirm that.

It's worth noting, that a mtn bike certainly makes the route that much quicker - from the Moumoukia Hill Road carpark, there's no need to cycle from Auckland!   I wonder if there are other hills that benefit from a cycle in, in Scotland there are many munros which benefit from a biking in rather than a much longer walk in. 

I've taken the bike onto the top of 2 munros, one of which the last couple of hundred metres of height was a carry, but the other was cycleable to the top (with the odd push/carry) on the steeper sections.  Snowdon in Wales, it certainly worth doing on the mtn bike has there are several bridleways to the top, and likewise Helvellyn in England.
5  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Pirongia, Mt / Re: Pirongia Date: September 03, 2008, 04:58:15 PM
If you want a good hard workout go in at the end of grey road up the Mahaukura track to Pirongia and back down the Tirohanga track. Its posted as an 11 hour walk but you can do it in a long day however that would mean missing out on a night in Pahautea hut. Theres something about that place. You could do a quick day up the Tahaunui track. A quick easy climb with some views at the top out towards raglan.
If you are into SAS type training I can recommend the bell track on a really wet day. A 3 to 4 hour warm up to start and then a 3 to 4 hour climb and mud wallow up to your waste onto the cone and then to pahautea hut. Ive done it but not willingly again.

I took advantage of forecast that was promising the first dry weekend since May to try Pirongia on saturday.  Had some drizzle, but thankfully mainly dry though hazy and not a photo taking day. 

Nevertheless did the route up the Mahuakura track, 3hr 20 to the top lookout.  Considering all the rain we've had it was drier than I was anticipating.  I went the same way back.  Nice to have some views above the trees at times - I do miss the more open views that you get in the UK.  I think the chained sections were overkill, though might have been useful if the rock was wet and slippery I guess.  I did think of continuing to the hut, but decided to leave that to another time and stop the night there.
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