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Kapakapanui / Kapakapanui
« on: March 30, 2012, 04:39:00 PM »
17 Mar 12

Was supposed to be a nice sunny fine day. Weather was pretty good, not as perfectly clear as I had hoped, but still pretty good weather. Especially for the Tararuas!   ;D

Took Saranac with me while JR stayed home to study. Used my Vibram Five-Finger "toe shoes" to cross the streams then changed into nice dry socks and boots when the trail started to climb. Why get my boots wet?! ;D

As usual, I did everything backwards from everyone else. I went up the steep track and did the loop in the counter-clockwise direction. The steep track was certainly steep. Had to stop a few times to catch my breath and grab a drink of water. Felt out of shape but guess I did okay on time. Doesn't matter how fast I go, I always want to go faster if I don't have anyone with me to keep pace. Sign at the bottom of the steep climb said 4 hours to the top, made it in a little less than 3 hours.

It was a bit muddy at the summit but sounds like it usually is worse! The walk along the ridge line was my favorite part. Took a few breaks to take pictures and eat some snacks. It was a little hazy along the horizon but pretty good weather overall, not much wind either.

Made my way down to the hut for a little look around and then ready to get on down the trail and back to the car. It was still steep in places going down this trail. I'm not sure which way is better. I usually like to go up the steep trail and down the more gentle side. But both sides of the loop have some real steep spots. Just be careful and watch your step!  ;D Changed back to toe shoes for the river crossings and the walk out. The cool water felt great on my feet at the end of the day!  

According to the DOC signs, it should have taken me 8-9 hours going in the counter clockwise direction. I made it in 6 hours 21 minutes, including changing my shoes for the river crossings and some photo and snack breaks. Regardless of time, it was a nice day to be outside and the trip was pretty nice.

GPS data: Distance 11.12km, Kapakapanui Summit = 1102m (3637ft), Total Ascent = 1020m (3366ft)

Boulder Hill / Boulder Hill
« on: March 30, 2012, 04:08:03 PM »
29 Mar 12

Another great after work hike.

Short hike to the top. Great views. Love the boulders.

On our way down, found a geocache card near the top. Looked it up online and seems there is a geocache up there. Might have been at the top under the stack of rocks. We'll have to go back to find it and put the card back. Must have blown away when the last people opened the box.

GPS data says: Distance 4.47km, Total Ascent 277m, Time 1h 40m with plenty of time for pictures and playing among the rocks.

Cannon Point / Cannon Point - 15 Mar 12
« on: March 17, 2012, 01:45:22 PM »
15 Mar 12

Not too bad of a day. Not perfectly clear but still some good views and a nice walk.
Was pretty easy to find and follow the trail.
A few other hikers and mountain bikers out.

GPS says it was 4.73 km and we walked it in 1 hr 35 min at an easy pace.

Colonial Knob / Colonial Knob
« on: March 11, 2012, 11:33:01 AM »
10 March 2012

JR, Saranac and I went for a walk on a beautiful day. It was a good steep walk to get your heart pumping. The walk and the views were nice. We parked too far up Broken Hill Road and had to walk down the road a bit to find the carpark. For anyone looking for it, the carpark is right where the sign for the botanical garden is. Just follow that and then you see the DOC sign for Colonial Knob Scenic Reserve.

Walked up and back down the same track to Broken Hill Carpark, easy pace.
GPS data said we hiked it (5.93 km) in 2 hrs 18 mins 22 secs. @skimble

Kaukau Peg / Mt Kaukau
« on: March 07, 2012, 02:55:10 PM »
05 Mar 12

Beautiful day to take a hike up Mt Kaukau. Enjoyed the walk up the Northern Walkway (South Ridge Track). Did a loop around with the North Ridge Track but didn't like that side as well. North Ridge Track was shady and muddy. South Ridge Track was very nice. I'll go again and just go up the South Ridge Track and back down that way.

Belmont Trig / Belmont Trig & Korokoro Dam
« on: March 03, 2012, 04:56:51 PM »
Belmont Trig: 458m (1503feet), Total ascent: 608m (1995feet), 6.2 mile loop

It did have a fair bit of elevation and we got some great views!

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