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Rimutaka Trig / 29 Jul 13
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:59:53 AM »
Took a friend up there after work. Got a late start but it was perfect that we were up there for sunset! She really enjoyed it and wants to do some more hiking so it was a great evening!

Mangaweka / 26 Jan 13
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:57:46 AM »
Hiked up to purity hut Sat night, up to Mangaweka on Sunday. Loved it up there. It was absolutely gorgeous. Had a beautiful day so we spent a lot of time walking around on the ridgeline enjoying the views. First time in the Ruahines, really loved it!

Matthews, Mt / 23 Mar 13
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:51:39 AM »
Had to take a break from 'training' for OXFAM and went for a beautiful walk up Mt Matthews. Would be a hard trip for someone not fit, but I enjoyed it very much. It was a great hike with great views along the way. Took the path along the river on the way up and then walked down the river bed on the way back. Took about 8 hours round trip.

Kuripapango / 01 Apr 13
« on: November 11, 2013, 07:41:42 AM »
Stopped for a short hike on the way home from a bicycle wine tour weekend in Napier. Great hike, really enjoyed it!

General Discussion / Makara Loop & Fort Opau
« on: October 07, 2012, 02:28:27 PM »
06 Oct 12
A windy but clear day. Went with 18 people from the Adventure Wellington group. JR stayed at the beach to fish while I went for a walk. Nice leisurely walk up to the old fort and gun emplacements and then over to one of the wind turbines. It was really cool to stand under it and see how big it is when you are standing RIGHT there! =)

Then we had a quick walk down to Opau Bay and we started walking back along the beach. Eventually we came to a point that we couldn’t get past on the beach/rocks. I think it was high tide and there was no safe way around. So we ended up going up the bank to the ridgeline instead. It was steep but not too bad. Lots of foot and hand holds and just stay out of the scree! Some of the people in the group were a bit nervous about climbing up there but we all made it safely and had a good time. =)

GPS Data: Max Height: 195m ( 639ft), Distance: 7.6km ( 4.75mi), Total Ascent: 316m ( 1036ft), Time: 4 hrs 25 mins

Photo Album:

Ruapehu, Mt / Mt Ruapehu Loop
« on: September 27, 2012, 03:34:36 PM »
23 Sep 12

Wow! What an amazing day with beautiful views, almost no wind at all. Yeah it was kind of steep and took some effort to climb up but so totally worth it! It took us 6 hours from the top of the chairlift to do the whole loop but had plenty of time to stop for photos and enjoy the views. We started about 8:30am and got back to the Knoll Ridge Café a little before 2:30pm. Met up with our friend that was skiing there for a coffee and told her about the great hike we had!

We made up our own loop, going to the far left from the top of the chairlift. We headed up to Te Heuheu and saw some guys building a snowcave partway along the ridge. Then we followed along the ridge of the summit plateau along Tukino Peak and Glacier Knob. Started to see some more people as we got over to this area of the mountain. Really cool that there were other people up there for all sorts of activities but you couldn’t always see them and it didn’t feel at all crowded. It was still very quiet and remote feeling. Then we headed up to Dome Summit. Made the summit by about 12:30pm. The clouds were still off in the distance but we didn’t want to linger too long in case they came in quick. Found our way down into the summit plateau and over to the left of glacier knob. Started down and decided to stop for lunch. When we did, a cloud came rushing in faster than we had time to contemplate getting up and getting moving again. We waited a few minutes as we ate some snacks. Then  the cloud passed over, we packed up and continued down. After that it was clear again. We were pretty much below the clouds then. Nice easy (still sort of steep) walk back to the Knoll Ridge Café! What a Super Day!! 

GPS Data: Summit Height: 2672m ( 8766ft), Max Elevation: 2745m ( 9006ft), Distance: 8.5km ( 5.26mi), Total Ascent: 927m ( 3041ft), Time: 5 hrs 57 mins

Photo Album:

Bald Knob / Bald Knob - Lake Waikaremoana FOUND IT!
« on: July 30, 2012, 04:22:10 PM »
Bald Knob - Lake Waikaremoana 

02 June 12

What a beautiful day we had! We took a lot of time just exploring, taking pictures and enjoying the views. Great views all along the track. I was a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to find the herd path to the summit from what I had read. But it turned out to be quite easy. Read the description from the trail guide and when the track opens up and looks like this:

Turn to the right and you will see the very obvious herd path:

Then walk just a few meters out to the summit to enjoy a great lunch stop.

Looked like we were the first people out there for a while, no signs of footprints at all. We heard others walking by but had the summit all to ourselves. We spent quite a bit of time having lunch and taking lots of pictures. LOVED IT!

GPS Data: Height: 1155m (3789ft), Distance: 11.23km ( 7.0mi), Total Ascent: 899m (2949ft), Time: 7 hrs 24 mins,

Photo Album:

Makara Peak / Makara Peak & Mtn Bike Park
« on: July 30, 2012, 02:27:45 PM »
Makara Peak 

28 Jul 12

A small peak but we had a great time on a wonderful sunny day. Only took maybe 45min to the top, so we walked around some of the other trails for a while until we made it into about a 3 hour trip. Great day and it was great to get some of my other friends out for a walk too!

GPS Data:
Summit Height: 412m ( 1352 ft),
Total Distance with Exploration: 4.99km ( 3.1 mi),
Total Ascent: 383m ( 1257ft), Ascent to Summit was ~190m,
Time: 2 hrs 32 mins,

Photo Album:

Tuteremoana (Kapiti Is.) / Kapiti Island & Tuteremoana Summit
« on: May 31, 2012, 03:54:34 PM »
26 May 12

Had a great day on Kapiti. Boat ride was wonderful, water was very smooth. Saw and heard lots of different birds. Weka everywhere! A nice hike up the steep trig track, a little steep but really not bad. Plenty of birds to stop and look at to take a rest. We took off first from the information center and had the trail to ourselves all the way to the summit. Beautiful Island, nice walk, GREAT DAY!
GPS Data: Height: 521m ( 1709ft), Distance: 5.0km ( 3.1mi), Total Ascent: 546m ( 1791ft), Time: 1hr 20min to summit, then spent another 3+ hrs exploring the island and listening to the birds

Track (with some extra walking around by the beach, 6.5km):

Photo Album:

General Discussion / Tauhara - Taupo, North Island
« on: April 28, 2012, 11:23:47 AM »
08 Apr 12
I definitely recommend this peak to be added to “official” status. The trail was a mix of steep/narrow track and some flatter sections too. Not 360 degree views at the top but pretty good. We thoroughly enjoyed this one, except that it was a bit crowded. I guess a lot of other people decided they wanted to go hiking on Easter morning too!

GPS Data: Height: 1088m (3569ft), Distance: 5.57 km (3.4mi), Ascent ~532m (1744ft), Time: 2 hrs 39 mins,

Photo Album:



Rainbow Mountain / Rainbow Mountain
« on: April 28, 2012, 11:15:17 AM »
08 Apr 12
This was my favorite peak of the weekend. Lots to look at, a crater pool and another lookout farther up. Then on top, the fire ranger invited us up into the tower to get a wonderful 360 degree view! Awesome! We could see for miles! The fire ranger even had cold water in the fridge for us to refill our bottle with. That was great since it was actually quite a warm day and we drank most of our water already. Definitely recommend this peak!

GPS Data: Height: 755m (2477ft), Distance: 5.33 km (3.3mi), Ascent ~329m (1081ft), Time: 2 hrs 12 mins,

Photo Album:

Whakapoungakau / Whakapoungakau
« on: April 27, 2012, 05:36:19 PM »
09 Apr 12
Not a bad hike but the trail looks very dis-used. A few spots of blowdown and lots of debris all over the trail. Doesn’t seem like a very popular route even though it is a New Zealand Walkway as well. Better trail up toward the top. Summit nice and grassy. Would be a great spot to have a picnic table up there. Some views obscured by trees but still worth the walk.

GPS Data: Height: 758m (2487ft), Distance: 9.27 km (5.7mi), Ascent: ~413m (1354ft), Time: 2 hrs 56 mins,

Photo Album:

Ngongotaha, Mt / Ngongotaha
« on: April 27, 2012, 05:27:32 PM »
09 Apr 12
The last of 4 peaks for the weekend, then a long drive home. Not too enthused since this peak doesn’t promise much for a view. Well it holds up to its promise, no view. There’s a little view way down at the bottom of the climb along the nature loop. Would probably have a better time if you just do the nature loop walk. Quite disappointing. Why is this on the list?

Picture of JR looking for a view somewhere…no luck.

GPS Data: Height: 757m (2484ft), Distance: 4.87 km (3.0mi), Total Ascent: 360m (1181ft), Time: 2 hrs 11 mins,

Photo Album:

Total weekend ascent ~ 1634m (5361ft)

Climie, Mt / Mt Climie
« on: April 27, 2012, 04:54:27 PM »
25 Apr 12
Nice day, nice hike, a bit steep and consistently steep but just take your time and have fun. A bit breezy on the ridge but still a fine day. Spent some time playing on the ridge-line, enjoying the views, taking pictures and hiding behind a building to have a little snack.

The walk down was a bit tricky since it was steep with loose stones under foot. Also my shoes are a bit old and don’t have much tread left. Time for a new pair! I slid in one spot and hit my knee pretty hard. It’s going to be a big bruise. But JR held my hand the rest of the way down to help keep me from falling again. =) I did slide a few more times so I was glad I had him to hold onto!

Oh and I don’t know if the “NO DOGS” still applies. The sign isn’t there by the gate (see photo). There are poison signs but they just say to keep your dog on a leash. Saw a few people with dogs on the trail. Left my dog at home but looks like he probably could have come.

GPS Data: Height: 860m ( 2822 ft), Distance: 11.0 km ( 6.8 mi), Total Ascent: 802m ( 2631 ft), Time: 3 hrs 49 mins,

Photo Album:

Holdsworth / Mt Holdsworth
« on: April 03, 2012, 04:07:11 PM »
01 April 2012

So I was going to do this hike on Saturday but decided to be lazy instead. On Sunday I almost decided to be lazy again but somehow convinced myself to get up and go so I wouldn't be mad at myself later. Boy am I glad I did go for this hike. The day was wonderful and the views were stunning!

I had planned to wear boots but then decided to wear my sneakers instead. There were a couple muddy wet spots where it would have been nice to have boots. But mostly the trail was in such good condition that I am really glad I wore sneakers and not boots.

I got on the trail around 7:45am, figuring that if it took me 9 hours round trip, that I would have plenty of time before dark. As I checked my time at the junctions, at Rocky Lookout, and at Mountain House; I was just a few minutes faster than the estimated time. I thought to myself, "That's good, I guess. But I still have the steepest part to go and I know I'll slow down on that. It might take me all 9 hours or maybe even longer." I was a little disappointed in myself. I had estimated my time should have been closer to 7-8 hours round trip based on my time from Kapakapanui a few weeks earlier.

Oh well, just keep going. It was supposed to take about 2 hours to go between Mountain House and Powell Hut. It was 9:45am by the time I made it to Mountain House, so I was hoping I'd make it to Powell by 11:45 or Noon. As I climbed, I just kept taking a few quick breaks to catch my breath. There werea few rock scrambles that I wondered how Saranac would get up or get down them. But he did just fine. Probably better than me!  ;D

The trail came out of the woods and I got some great views! Up and over a little rocky outcrop, and I could see the slide on the side of the mountain that I had notice from Rocky Lookout (Also beautiful views from there!) I knew that I must be getting close to Powell since I was close to the elevation of that slide. It was still a little walk from there but when I got to the hut I felt great. I knew the hardest part was over. Then I looked at the time and was absolutely amazed. It was only 10:23am! WOW! How did I do that?!

So I felt like I deserved a little break to admire the views from Powell and have a little snack. Took off for the summit at about 10:45am, totally enjoyed the views along the ridgeline, took tons of pictures, and made it to the summit at 11:22am. Nice! I felt good and was very happy with my time. Ate some lunch, took some pictures, then went back to Powell to eat and admire the views some more. Took my time going down, at least on the steep parts.  ;D

On the way down I stopped at Rocky Lookout again for some more pictures and another break. There were a couple ladies there that took a few pictures for me so that Saranac and I could be in the picture together. And Saranac actually sat still long enough for the picture too!

It was a quick walk back to the carpark. Got back there a little before 2:30pm. That's way better than 5pm! Awesome! Saranac and I had a great day; great walk, great views. So far Mt Holdsworth is my favorite. I will definitely be back!

GPS Data: Summit 1470m (4823ft), Distance: 17.3km (10.7miles), Total Ascent: 1223m (4012ft), Time: 6hrs 43min

Photo Album:

Actually saw someone else out there to take a picture for us.

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