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1  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Karangahake / Karangahake Date: January 04, 2013, 04:39:57 PM
A little slippery underfoot but the morning mist burning off in the sunshine made it all worthwhile. A nice bit of well-needed exercise and great company.
2  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Kaitarakihi / Kaitarakihi Date: January 04, 2013, 04:37:36 PM
Good blustery day for a walk in the woods. Just as we joined the main track from Devcich, after having got stung a few times from disturbing a wasps nest, one of the little blighters crawled into my shorts pocket. Not fancying being pricked on my stinger, I did the sensible thing and de-shorted mid-track. I think it was this action that prompted Andrew 'Braveheart' Tencentcoin to tear his shorts off right on the crux of the climb in order to replace them with a kilt and complete the climb, flying-free in the wind.

The chain section was awesome and worthy of it's reputation. I had great faith in hauling up on the chain in a reverse abseil until I saw a particularly large anchor boulder rocking and rolling as I pulled - gulp! The last 200m (up or across - all the same) is the memorable part of this trip.
3  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Makara Peak / Makara Peak Date: January 04, 2013, 04:33:31 PM
Climbed around 1988 - no bike park then
4  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Taranaki, Mt / Taranaki Date: January 04, 2013, 04:31:56 PM
Climbed together with KiwiLeon & LittleRedHood on a clear but cool Easter Saturday. None of us had been on the summit before and we opted for starting from the Startford Plateau carpark for a slightly longer walk via Tahurangi Lodge but saving 200m climb than up from Nth Egmont. (Apparently there is a passable route directly above the ski-field that we found about about later, that misses a lot of the loose gravel, but involving steeper rock).

Set off in the full-moon light at 6 am and caught the sunrise while ducking in and out of the gullies below towering basalt on the round-the-moutain section to the lodge. From the lodge we joined the crowds up the steps and the loose gravel of the North Ridge which was a real test of determination. The haul up the hard rock on the back of the Lizard was long but easier in comparison. Suddenly arriving in the iced-over gully crater beside the Shark's Tooth is great relief but short-lived before the final grovel up loose ash and cinder to the summit at 10:30. Had lunch and photo shoot in the freezing cold wind before the long hard descent and back to the car after 10 hours.
5  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Pinnacles, The / Pinnacles Date: January 04, 2013, 04:28:48 PM
Awesome trip up the hill with the group from a nearbygeocaching  BBQ and campout event. I've been up here a few times but never get tired of the view. The steep volcanic terrain around here is fearsome. We all made it to the top and down again in one piece.
6  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Mangatangi / Mangatangi Date: January 04, 2013, 04:19:27 PM
The whole GreenBLAT team walked up together with KiwiLeon at a leisurely pace. Great views from the top today. Met a chap out walking the pig dogs and he mentioned there was a large boar on the next ridge. Enjoyed the walk.
7  South Island / Isobel, Mt / Isobel Date: January 04, 2013, 04:12:14 PM
Started from a very frosty start in Hanmer & the mud was frozen at the start of the track. First rays of the sun as we caught sight of the summit. Gorgeous day with snow covered peaks all around
8  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Pirongia, Mt / Pirongia Date: January 04, 2013, 04:10:11 PM
From Corcoran Rd via Ruapane, brief detour to climb Tirohanga bluff and to the summit viewing platform in about 3.5hrs. Carried on to have a look at the hut and boardwalk to Hihikiwi then back the same way, all up about 7 hours
9  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Taranaki, Mt / Taranaki on a Blue Sky Day Date: April 13, 2012, 02:17:19 PM
We watched the weather forecast change totally each day in the week leading up, but we had a crisp and clear full-moon lit dawn on Easter saturday.

Took the Stratford Plateau option just to avoid that extra 200m climb, the sun coming up over Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe lighting up the colours in the leatherwood was amazing. A quick pause at Tahurangi, we powered up the stairs and ran into an acquaintance of one of our group who consoled us on being on the hardest bit - we found out why about two minutes later once we hit the loose scoria section - man that is hard work. He also mentioned a route up past the bluffs on the ski-field which has more rock scrambling but musch less loose scoria?

The Lizard wasn't too bad (on the way up anyway) and we were on the summit at 10:45 for an early lunch (and geocache found :-) We stopped for the obligatory photo shoot in the freezing wind along with a few dozen others and watched the only clouds of the day drift past several 100 metres below.

Going down was almost as hard, harder on the lizard, but made up time on the scree run. Total time getting on to 10 hours with some nice leisurely stops to soak up the views.

A great day out with KiwiLeon & Little Red Hood!
10  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Kohukohunui / Kohukohunui Date: May 31, 2010, 04:15:39 AM
Loop from Waharau via 1000 Acre Campground & Adams Lookout. 8:30 return
11  North Island Trip Reports and Comments / Kohukohunui / Kohukohunui via Waharua Date: May 31, 2010, 04:11:03 AM
Walked up Kohukounui from Waharau park entrance on the Miranda Rd. Personally I think walking up through the bush from near sea level makes this a more satisfying destination than the plod along the forestry rd from Moumoukai hill, but will probably try that one day too  :)

Leaving as the daylight came at about 07:30, we took Northern Access track which is pretty wide and easily graded, then Managatangi Ridge Track down to 1000 Acres campground where there is a new shelter and dunny. Quick splash across the stream without getting water in the boots, the track up the ridge is a bit greasy in places, not too steep, and some nice grassy knolls to get a view of the valley.

Kohukohunui track is very well marked, we stopped at the trig for lunch at 11:30 and had a look at the historic Trig K hut. The track from here meanders around to Adam's lookout, wasn't too muddy and no windfalls to contend with. There is a lot of pig-rooted ground, some of it very fresh, but didn't see any pigs today Was a bit slippery back down the clay but we were back at the carpark a bit before 4pm, so about 8:30hrs round trip with breaks and not too fast pace.
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