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Bald Knob / Re: Bald Knob - Where are you?
« on: March 08, 2009, 04:06:42 PM »
Well I contacted Rob from Walking Legends and this is what he wrote back...
Ah yes bald knob... the best kept secret on the lake waikaremoana track! It took me several seasons of guiding before i spotted it. Gleaning info from guides, such as the best spots, is of course a major reason for going guided! That and the fact that you have a lite pack and a glass of wine and delicious meal awaiting you at each hut. As you eluded it is a little difficult to point out any significant land marks, however i can offer this advice: about one hour from the bluffs look out for a patch of bush on the eastward side of the ridge (and track) that is lower and more wind stunted than the gnarled old silver beech trees elsewhere. a fire went through here years ago. from the track you can look straight out over this stunted regen and have quite good views of the hawkes bay farmland. from this point you hang a right off the track, walk under the tall beech trees through grass out to the cliff edge, about 30 metres. Viola! there you have it. if you find yourself walking through a water worn trough in the track that is overhead, you have just missed it!
So is that enough detail? Because Rob was so forthcoming with this info I thought you could put their website link up, for guided walks at Lake Waikaremoana and Tongariro with all the trimmings, and exceptionally nice guides I'd like to say!!
Looking forward to more descriptions surfacing...

General Discussion / Suggested Addition: Conical Hill
« on: February 28, 2009, 03:27:20 PM »
How about conical hill on the Routeburn. Amazing views, darran mountains, hollyford valley right out to the ocean. Solid walk and a tiny bit of scrambling to the top. Certainly feels like the highest point around...

Bald Knob / Re: Bald Knob - Where are you?
« on: February 28, 2009, 09:28:15 AM »
On the contrary, I think that having an elusive peak adds more to the achievement and pleasure in bagging this one! From Onepoto it is only about one hour up to the Bluffs, which are dramatic, but not as remarkable, and definitely not as high as bald knob. I will contact those guides at walking legends and ask if they can give me some pointers to write a detailed description, or see if they want to write one. stay tuned...

Bald Knob / Bald Knob - Where are you?
« on: February 27, 2009, 03:51:49 PM »
Date: 2008
Weather: Great!
Approach: walked entire Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk track in anti-clockwise direction, so came to Blad Knob on day four.

Bald Knob is not easy to find! On the maps it looks as though it is right on the track, but the true bald knob is actually about 50 metres from the track and not obvious at all. Eg. no track, markings or a sign. I was lucky enough to be wandering along at the same time as a guided group, and the guides showed me where to go.
Fantastic views! Definitely the best on the whole track. It was such a clear day we could even see Mt Ruapehu.
But if you are planning this as a day trip from Onepoto, try to get a detailed report from someone first! Even then you probably won't have any luck, it is very hard to find any distinguishing features along that section of the track. Just hope that you bump into one of Walking Legends' helpful guides! The views on the way up are great though and it's worth a wander along the ridge.

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