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General Discussion / Any interest in all North island peaks?
« on: February 13, 2020, 07:47:01 AM »
Hey guys im new in here. Over the next 6 months i will be making an attack of every single peak in the north island thats over 1500m in an endeavour for personal growth and to raise some funds for a local food bank nourished for nil and also Ignite Sports Trust for Kids, who help support 1000s of kids each year with sports, lifestyle, leadership amd mental health programs. Thats only the tip of the ice berg with them too.
im here asking if anyone is interested in joining me for some of the climbs? i enjoy travelling nz by myself and recently finished cycling tip to tip of the country, but its also nice to have some good company and share the experiences isnt it :) i would ask my friends but i think its selfish of me to ask, because most of them dont have the experience required to do what we do in as safe of a manner as required.
My next expedition is out across the Tongariro Crossing, hitting both Tongariro and Ngauruhoe, then up to Ruapehu, hitting each major peak up there. Ill likely be ascending up the eastern slope, not the conventional route up whakapapa, but up the Tukino side and between Whanagaehu and Mangatoetoenui glaciers. This will he in the middle of March and ill be doing the same route again in the middle of winter for those beautiful views.
Feel free to message me by email at, or by cell, 0225657370.
Happy climbing everyone and safe travels. Jamie

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