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Title: My observations of Mt Hauhungatahi that is on the possibilities list
Post by: Outdoorsman Dave :Youtube on October 10, 2012, 04:34:19 PM
Because Mt Ruapehu was closed for skiing I took the opportunity while in Ohakune to climb the unofficial peak Mt Hauhugatahi 1521m.  There could be a few entries to the peak but I came in from Erua (East) road which is just South of the National Park village.  Leaving my car at the backpackers lodge at the invitation of the lovely owners (it costs about $20 per night if you were using this as an overnight staging point) I then walked up to the railway line and from the Northern wall line of the large metal shed on the RHS (paint ball) count 10 concrete electrified rail power poles heading South (Right) along metal access track and there was a red cross painted on the 10th pole.  Cross over the railway lines and you will find a plank crossing the ditch.  Doc no longer encourages tampersí on this entrance and so there is no signage anywhere.  
A short over grown flax and bracken path gives way to an easy to follow bush trail that has been marked with either red or green paint dots but no triangles.  The track goes straight up the face, was quite wet & muddy and for me 1 Hour later I emerged onto sub Alpine tussock.  The track from this point was like streams of water so wear good boots.  Now the windy track is marked with wooden poles.  It is very exposed and on the day was heavy cold winds & stinging hailstones/ice sleet with about 100m visibility.  Gloves & warm layers and a sound rain jacket was my saviour, it was quite dangerous on this stormy day and donít try this in low light i.e. give yourself an early start.  About 1 hour later you arrive at a small raised area of rocks and there you will find the smallest trig station ever.  
I have been told on a good day the views are to die for but not this day, Iíd be skiing otherwise.  Less than 2 hours and I was back at the car somewhat wet and cold but content to have bagged another peak.  I do recommend this be made official; my only concern is the railway crossing legality.
Title: Re: My observations of Mt Hauhungatahi that is on the possibilities list
Post by: GuanoGerbil on October 11, 2012, 02:08:09 AM
Nice work! This is a peak I wasn't even aware of until it came up for consideration on this site as I'm usually too busy looking at the guano next door. Am keen to pop up and check it out when there aren't more tempting things to do so close by
Title: Re: My observations of Mt Hauhungatahi that is on the possibilities list
Post by: GuanoGerbil on February 06, 2013, 05:56:53 AM
A great trip report, Sasquatch - I followed your instructions and they were spot on! The 10th power pole was 400m from the carpark and is the only one with a cable stay on it which further clarifies the right one. All pretty obvious when you get there though.

With all the fine weather we've been having lately, I found the track completely dry the whole way. The only water I found anywhere was a small tarn at the bushline, so make sure you bring sufficient if going up in the summer. The track is getting pretty overgrown though, so those people are only used to walking on the usual DOC standard superhighways may get a bit of a fright. I found that it wasn't bad enough to make it interesting, only somewhat uninspiring. All well marked though and still reasonably easy to follow.

Great views from the top potentially (my mistress 'Pehu was being a little coy today). This combined with the trig and accessibility would lend me towards recommending this for official status. I don't think the railway is an issue. The only thing against it would be the track condition for some people. Those who like to get 'off the beaten track' and enjoy a more wilderness experience would enjoy this though.