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: Mitre
: Outdoorsman Dave :Youtube April 14, 2012, 03:10:12 PM
On Day 3 of our Tararua ranges easter trip we tramped from Arete to Tarn ridge hut 4.5hr (amazing hut lots of beds) then left packs at Girdlestone trig to hike over to Mitre 1.5hr return. Pushed on to get to Mid King biv (2 man and crap) at 10:00pm only to find had two hunters in it.  Hindsight we should have stayed on Tarn ridge for another night in the open as it is a 500m 1hr drop down to the Biv.  This completed a 14hr tramp.  Tarn ridge is very exposed, narrow and should not be tempted in bad weather as you may get blown off the ridge or slip on the many very narrow rock ledges, always have a buddy and compass.  Day 3 we met the idiot that was Westpac choppered out the next day.  He was on his own, never been here before and had no map so we gave him our topo50 map which put us at some risk to save his.