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: Roots and Mud
: mike3950 June 07, 2011, 02:44:35 AM
Got to the Northern entrance for Mount Maungatautari and did the short Northern Enclosure Loop - Maungatautari is enclosed by a predator proof DOC fence.

Went to the main gate and it said that the 'Over the Mountain Trail' was closed, however as I was only going to the summit and there was no-one to tell me otherwise, I pushed on.

At first you are climbing the road for about a km, thinking "this will be cruizy if it stays like this", then you turn up the trail and 'up' is the operative word, good steady steep climb, lots of roots and more and more mud the higher you go.

Sopmetimes you are climbing roots as you would climb a ladder. Took 48 minutes to the summit and just about as long coming down due to the precarious roots and mud.

Only disappointing thing was the lack of any viewpoints, the write-up on DOC's site promised views of Karapiro and the Waikato, but that must have been before the trees grew as there was no hint of a picture opportunity.

Overall an ok climb, my knees told me it was tough, but spoiled by the lack of a lookout.