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Title: Mt Matthews run
Post by: mw4liverpool on January 23, 2011, 03:17:36 PM
Ran/climbed up Mt Matthews from Catchpool valley in 4hr 48 all up today. Ran along the flat bits and a clamber up the steep Mt Matthews.  About an hour along the Orongorongo track/river to the base, up to the summit in 2 hours 30, then back in 4.48 after a break at the top.  Views were non existent due to the near whiteout conditions up high.  The track up Mt Matthews is relatively well defined but very overgrown in many places.  Keep an eye out for those orange markers as it can be easy to go off track. Near the top there is a slight offshoot leading to a dodgy rocky ridge which i almost went up - go down a bit instead and the track skirts around before heading upwards. Metal pole and geocache box at the top were the only real indicators i was at a summit in those  conditions.