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: Avalanche Peak - January 2011
: GuanoGerbil January 12, 2011, 02:18:52 PM
Rolleston was my intended target from my base at the NZAC climbing camp at Broken River, however it was beginning to become apparent that with the relentless fickle weather encountered that simply wasn't going to happen. With cabin fever beginning to set in, I needed to get out and at least climb something.
After getting woken at 5am by a pesky kea, I sneaked out on my own and drove to Arthurs Pass. By the time I got there, the heavy cloud had changed to drizzle.
I elected to do the recommended route of going up the steeper Avalanche track and down Scotts - depending on how the conditions looked once I left the bushline. It is definately a steeper route up this way, so yes the recommended route is a good call.
By the time I got to the bushline, the drizzle had turned to rain. However the visibility was still quite good, so I continued on. It is a very exposed sharp ridge up near the top and not a safe place to be in high winds or poor viz, but an awesome place to be!
With the 6-8 hours listed, I had been pacing myself for a decent walk, so was surprised to reach an unmarked high point after 1 hour 20mins. With the clag all around, I had to check my GPS to make sure that I was actually on the summit. Despite not getting any views, I thoroughly enjoyed this peak - highly recommended, even in the rain!
It took me the same time down the other easier, but longer side, so a total round trip of 2hours 40 mins