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Title: Summiting 'Naki
Post by: GuanoGerbil on October 17, 2009, 02:44:29 AM
Yeah 'Naki's a nice peak to bag - even in the summer! Fantastic views - on a clear day you can see the south island from up there. Last time I did this one was about 6 hours round trip in the winter. It's nicer then, and you don't have to contend with that cursed "2 steps up, 1 step down" scree.

Technically easy to do in winter up the north ridge (with ice axe and crampons), but has a high "f*** up factor" - tends to be very icy being so close to the coast, and if you slip it's a long way down.

The summit is another nice spot to bivvie too. The sunrise and sunsets are fantastic (well - at least on a nice day - the first time I tried this was in winter and had to bail at 4am after the winds were picking up to 100km).

One good tip - stay at Tahurangi Lodge at the top of the puffer. This is a private hut owned by the Taranaki Alpine Club. By contacting them (let me know if you need help here), they are happy to post a key. Very comfy and roomy place to stay - lounge and sofas, modern fully equipped kitchen, hot showers...  You can do the walk up the puffer in the evening (takes about an hour) and then you're set for an easy start in the morning.

I'd recommend boots in summer just for the fact that being higher around the ankles, they have a better chance of keeping out that damned scoria on the run down.

And yeah, take care with the weather. Once again, being so close to the coast, the weather changes here very quickly.