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: Wellington Skyline Track
: BigRichNZ February 17, 2013, 09:33:16 AM
Bagged this one as part of the Wellington Skyline Track with a group of 20 (family and friends).  We started in Johnsonville, and bagged Mt Kaukau on the way over.  13km and 3 hours 16 minutes later we arrived at the end of the track on Makara Hill rd, just across the road from the start of the track leading up to Makara Peak.  So, of course, after punishing ourselves, for the last 3 and a bit hours, we decided to punish ourselves some more.  To be fair, some of the group had had enough, so decided to wait at the bottom for our rides to come and pick us up, so six of us pressed on to the top.  We wanted to be up and back before the transport home arrived, so no one was having to wait around too much, so powered up the hill.  The first part of the track is quite steep, and zig zags back and forth, and after 13kms already, there is only so much gas left in the tank.  Needless to say, after setting a blistering pace up the zig zag, I at least was starting break down, with mild dehydration and cramps setting in.  Still, no pain no gain.  With the pace reduced to a more reasonable walk we pushed on.  Not a long difficult climb, but quite steep in places.  Great views from the top.  Also great views of the Skyline Track back to Mt Kaukau.  2km each way.  26 minutes up and 23 minutes down.  Made it back 10 minutes before the vans arrived to pick us up.