Author Topic: Puke Ariki/Haywards Korokoro Traverse Boulder Hill  (Read 1295 times)

Puke Ariki/Haywards Korokoro Traverse Boulder Hill
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Started at the Dry Creek entrance and did this as part of the Puke Ariki/Haywards Korokoro traverse with a group of 25.  Start time was 8:00am, with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky.  Climbed up from the car park to the 4wd track, and continued on up.  Got to where the track leveled out, still feeling pretty good.  Hit the really steep section.  I was not expecting it to be that steep, but early in the morning, so still feeling fresh.  Slogged it up to the top of the climb, where, in site of the summit, the others decided it was time for a break.  I then realised i had dropped my water bottle, so back down to find it.  Fortunately it was not far down.  Finally made it to the summit in just over an hour.  Great views, in all directions.  Stiff climb from Dry Creek, but great short hike if you are tackling Boulder Hill on its own.  Please see my post on Belmont Trig for the rest of the trip
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