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Fanthoms Peak
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A good climb to get the thighs going and a great place to stay overnight at Syme hut
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The biggest problem with fantoms peak is the laughing mt taranaki which towers over it.  I am going to need a good holiday down there to do fantoms peak as taranaki call to be conquered seems so strong

Here is a picture of Fantoms peak taken from Mt Taranaki Summit Ridge as another viewpoint!  Apparently the climb from fantoms to taranaki is freaky!

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Another reason to visit a really neat hut. you can probably tell by now i like my huts as well. The climb from syme to taranaki is about an hour to an hour and a half a real slog straight up. if you thighs arnt protesting prior to the climb they will be by the time you start down. by staying at syme you get to see a magnificent sunrise if your lucky.