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Mt Ruapehu Loop
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23 Sep 12

Wow! What an amazing day with beautiful views, almost no wind at all. Yeah it was kind of steep and took some effort to climb up but so totally worth it! It took us 6 hours from the top of the chairlift to do the whole loop but had plenty of time to stop for photos and enjoy the views. We started about 8:30am and got back to the Knoll Ridge Café a little before 2:30pm. Met up with our friend that was skiing there for a coffee and told her about the great hike we had!

We made up our own loop, going to the far left from the top of the chairlift. We headed up to Te Heuheu and saw some guys building a snowcave partway along the ridge. Then we followed along the ridge of the summit plateau along Tukino Peak and Glacier Knob. Started to see some more people as we got over to this area of the mountain. Really cool that there were other people up there for all sorts of activities but you couldn’t always see them and it didn’t feel at all crowded. It was still very quiet and remote feeling. Then we headed up to Dome Summit. Made the summit by about 12:30pm. The clouds were still off in the distance but we didn’t want to linger too long in case they came in quick. Found our way down into the summit plateau and over to the left of glacier knob. Started down and decided to stop for lunch. When we did, a cloud came rushing in faster than we had time to contemplate getting up and getting moving again. We waited a few minutes as we ate some snacks. Then  the cloud passed over, we packed up and continued down. After that it was clear again. We were pretty much below the clouds then. Nice easy (still sort of steep) walk back to the Knoll Ridge Café! What a Super Day!! 

GPS Data: Summit Height: 2672m ( 8766ft), Max Elevation: 2745m ( 9006ft), Distance: 8.5km ( 5.26mi), Total Ascent: 927m ( 3041ft), Time: 5 hrs 57 mins

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