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Makara Loop & Fort Opau
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06 Oct 12
A windy but clear day. Went with 18 people from the Adventure Wellington group. JR stayed at the beach to fish while I went for a walk. Nice leisurely walk up to the old fort and gun emplacements and then over to one of the wind turbines. It was really cool to stand under it and see how big it is when you are standing RIGHT there! =)

Then we had a quick walk down to Opau Bay and we started walking back along the beach. Eventually we came to a point that we couldn’t get past on the beach/rocks. I think it was high tide and there was no safe way around. So we ended up going up the bank to the ridgeline instead. It was steep but not too bad. Lots of foot and hand holds and just stay out of the scree! Some of the people in the group were a bit nervous about climbing up there but we all made it safely and had a good time. =)

GPS Data: Max Height: 195m ( 639ft), Distance: 7.6km ( 4.75mi), Total Ascent: 316m ( 1036ft), Time: 4 hrs 25 mins

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