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The Mount!
« on: August 07, 2012, 05:04:48 AM »
I have to be honest that I viewed this as a bit of a nothing tramp in terms of actually get up to the trig, and as such decided to do it straight after bagging the 962m peak of Te Aroha.
With the driving already done that day it would work out well as I didnít want to be too tired for the drive back to Auckland.

A quick loop around the streets left me with little option but to park down the beach and walk the few hundred meters to the start of the track. As I wanted to save on the energy expenditure I opted to head up the left side with the gravel path and got some great views along the way. Even with baaahing at some sheep and plenty of stops to take in the view it didnít take you very long to bag this trig. But the view from the top was top class. One of the things live about being on a peak like this is being able to see the land below as if you were looking on a map, Mount Maunganui and the rest of Tauranga is laid out before you. And as an additional treat White Island was throwing up prodigious amounts of steam way off in the distance.

Mt. Mauao, 232m bagged. Time to head home!

Time up 40mins
Time down 20mins