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Cannon Point
« on: June 04, 2012, 09:10:53 AM »
Have bagged this one more times than I can count, via multiple routes.

There are 3 main tracks up/down:
- via Birchville Dam
- the ZigZag up from the carpark
- via Cannon Pt Rd (L just before the start of the zigzag)

The Cannon Pt Rd route has two options - it starts off a lovely grass 4WD road and then turns to an ugly gravel logging road.  Instead of the gravel, there is a rough and rooty track through the bush, that then turns into a clay MTB track.

There's also a very steep route up a stream that comes out part way between Cannon Pt and the top of the track from the Birchville Dam, and an alternative route following the stream that feeds the Dam and then 4WD road up to the top.

I must have done every up/down combination possible of the above tracks.  I have even had a fantastic run up around there in the snow... but that can be a trip report in its own right.