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Tried to locate the start of the Vining walkway, but with no luck. Not sure if it was the low morning sun, fog, or if the sign is gone, but two passes along the road failed to turn it up. On the way down I met three other trampers who had the same issue. Went for plan-b and followed Sasquatch’s advice of just heading up Workman road and heading for the peak from the Mangatangi track. You can park just before the bridge or just after there is some room as well.

To be honest I might have liked the Vining option less than this because of having to cross all that farmland, but with the Mangatangi track your bang into the bush from the get-go. After initially following the river you hook to the right and the gradient increases as you start climbing the ridge. Nothing to worry as most of the uphill sections are followed by some level sections to help catch your breath if you are really motoring along. More Kauri’s than you can shake a stick at! Probably a third of the way in you can get some glimpses of the Mangatangi dam’s earthen embankment to your right. For the most part the track is in good condition and wide, which probably accounted for a lower intake of spider webs on this tramp.

1hr 30mins up and 1 hr back down.

Heading further up the road and checked out the dam. Well worth a visit.