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Mt Tongariro with GuanoGerbil
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To avoid the relentless hoardes of tourists trudging the Tongariro Crossing, we opted to take the adjacent ridgeline immediately to the north above. This was much more direct, skipped the annoying Pussies Staircase, and we didn't see a single person until the summit itself. It was a stunningly perfect autumn day - cool but with a warm sun and not a breath of wind. It doesn't get much better than this!

We initially tried the direct scrub-bash approach straight from the carpark, but were quickly thwarted by the sheer banks on the first stream crossing. So we took the first part of the track to the Mangatepopo hut, stepped over the easy stream crossing here and then climbed up the easy slopes onto the ridgeline from there. Nice easy travel along the tops from here and great scenery the whole way. Was a much more interesting perspective to look across to Ngauruhoe from up here (and to look down at the trail of ants far below too!).

So long as the viz is OK, the route finding up here is straight forward and I would recommend this route over the normal one everyone seems to take if you're only going to bag Tongariro - much quicker, nicer and quieter this way!
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