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Pureora with GuanoGerbil
« on: April 30, 2012, 12:59:09 PM »
We took the recommended route up. Much nicer this way - especially now that the track has been upgraded. Dad was saying that there was a lot more board walk here now compared with when he came through here last a couple of years ago. Is now a really nice walk with no mud or stream crossings to negotiate. The amount of bird life around here is quite stunning.
It took us a very easy hour to walk up from the carpark. Nice views of clag at the summit, but not a lot else unfortunately. With only about 350 vertical metres up, and such a good track it was a breeze. Took about 45 mins down. We were going to carry on and bag Titiraupenga as well afterwards, but the weather closed in further. Will leave that one till a nicer day to get the great views on offer as well as fully enjoy the awesome rock scramble to the top. We did drop by the geographic centre on the North Island nearby though.