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Mt Climie
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25 Apr 12
Nice day, nice hike, a bit steep and consistently steep but just take your time and have fun. A bit breezy on the ridge but still a fine day. Spent some time playing on the ridge-line, enjoying the views, taking pictures and hiding behind a building to have a little snack.

The walk down was a bit tricky since it was steep with loose stones under foot. Also my shoes are a bit old and donít have much tread left. Time for a new pair! I slid in one spot and hit my knee pretty hard. Itís going to be a big bruise. But JR held my hand the rest of the way down to help keep me from falling again. =) I did slide a few more times so I was glad I had him to hold onto!

Oh and I donít know if the ďNO DOGSĒ still applies. The sign isnít there by the gate (see photo). There are poison signs but they just say to keep your dog on a leash. Saw a few people with dogs on the trail. Left my dog at home but looks like he probably could have come.

GPS Data: Height: 860m ( 2822 ft), Distance: 11.0 km ( 6.8 mi), Total Ascent: 802m ( 2631 ft), Time: 3 hrs 49 mins,

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