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Looong tramp
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Started off at 8am for this one. Fairly monotonous walk up Plows Road with little choice but to stick to the hard gravel road, closer to Mine Road you have the more comfortable option of some pine beds next to the road. (Don’t be tempted to turn off the road where you might think the Kohukohunui  track starts, there are a couple of overgrown service roads/paths but these are nowhere near the correct track entrance). About half way through Mine Rd you will notice the fauna turn more NZ native and towards the end you will find the clearly sign posted entry into the track proper. Take a minute or two and clean your boots at the Kauri dieback cleaning station.

From here it is 4.4km of some good tramping on dirt tracks peppered here and there with wooden stairs. Towards the end third of the track you will encounter some wooden walkways which are great for keeping you out of the mud (there are still some muddy bits, although not too many or big), but as Sasquatch mentioned in his post they do need netting as a few are covered in a thin film of algae/moss which makes them very slippery.

Eventually you will the part of the track where it splits into two directions, one heading to your left and one to your right, have a rest on the nearby bench if you like, but you are almost there so take a right onto the wooden walkway (Follow the signs pointing right towards the Mangatangi Ridge and Upper Mangatawhiri track, NOT the one going left to the Kohukohunui/Waharau  tracks). Almost disconcertingly the elevation drops, but not to worry it comes back up again and after some stairs you will see the tin “Trig K hut”, a minute after this you will see the Kohukohunui trig and behind it the viewing platform. Even on a slightly cloudy day the Firth of Thames was clearly visible and I could just make out Rangito in the hazy distance to the Northwest.

All up done in 5 hours 40mins

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PS. While you won’t get any proper views until you reach the trig, the tramp makes up for it in other ways, spotted plenty of Native Wood Pigeons, very vocal Tui, Silvereye, a couple of Kaka, and also luckily a couple of rare Kokako.

Also DOC were shooting goats in the area, the track’s location has been done, but check with DOC if you are planning to go elsewhere in the Ranges - Southern Sector Parks Office on 09 366 2044..