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A lot of people do Holdsworth as an overnight trip, or as part of the Jumbo circuit, but we chose do a return trip so we could sleep in our own beds at the end of the day.

When we arrived on a perfect sunny Saturday in January, the carpark was packed.  The we heard a voice on a loud hailer, and we realised we'd chosen the day of the Holdsworth Jumbo mountain run!  Aside from waiting around for about hour for the all the runners to leave, it didn't impact on the day too much.   Runners were going in both directions, so we had to watch out for themon the way up, but it actually gave you something to focus on as you climbed up.

Gentle Annie track has been resurfaced, and when we went was practually like a sealed footpath.  Affer the shelter though, the track goes straight up the to the hut, with a little bit of scrambling over tree roots and rocks here and there.

The hut was busy with runners, but we did manage to score some free jubes from the adjudicators.  And we didn't even have to pay an entry fee to get them.... bonus!

Then up up up to the summit -from where we spied a number of other summits which need to be added to the list, including Jumbo, and had lunch number 2.

Then down down down.... I think it was about 9 hours in total, including at least 1 hour of stops.

We'll be back for more in the Tararuas, after a suitable time period to allow us to forget the pain.