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Mt Holdsworth
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01 April 2012

So I was going to do this hike on Saturday but decided to be lazy instead. On Sunday I almost decided to be lazy again but somehow convinced myself to get up and go so I wouldn't be mad at myself later. Boy am I glad I did go for this hike. The day was wonderful and the views were stunning!

I had planned to wear boots but then decided to wear my sneakers instead. There were a couple muddy wet spots where it would have been nice to have boots. But mostly the trail was in such good condition that I am really glad I wore sneakers and not boots.

I got on the trail around 7:45am, figuring that if it took me 9 hours round trip, that I would have plenty of time before dark. As I checked my time at the junctions, at Rocky Lookout, and at Mountain House; I was just a few minutes faster than the estimated time. I thought to myself, "That's good, I guess. But I still have the steepest part to go and I know I'll slow down on that. It might take me all 9 hours or maybe even longer." I was a little disappointed in myself. I had estimated my time should have been closer to 7-8 hours round trip based on my time from Kapakapanui a few weeks earlier.

Oh well, just keep going. It was supposed to take about 2 hours to go between Mountain House and Powell Hut. It was 9:45am by the time I made it to Mountain House, so I was hoping I'd make it to Powell by 11:45 or Noon. As I climbed, I just kept taking a few quick breaks to catch my breath. There werea few rock scrambles that I wondered how Saranac would get up or get down them. But he did just fine. Probably better than me!  ;D

The trail came out of the woods and I got some great views! Up and over a little rocky outcrop, and I could see the slide on the side of the mountain that I had notice from Rocky Lookout (Also beautiful views from there!) I knew that I must be getting close to Powell since I was close to the elevation of that slide. It was still a little walk from there but when I got to the hut I felt great. I knew the hardest part was over. Then I looked at the time and was absolutely amazed. It was only 10:23am! WOW! How did I do that?!

So I felt like I deserved a little break to admire the views from Powell and have a little snack. Took off for the summit at about 10:45am, totally enjoyed the views along the ridgeline, took tons of pictures, and made it to the summit at 11:22am. Nice! I felt good and was very happy with my time. Ate some lunch, took some pictures, then went back to Powell to eat and admire the views some more. Took my time going down, at least on the steep parts.  ;D

On the way down I stopped at Rocky Lookout again for some more pictures and another break. There were a couple ladies there that took a few pictures for me so that Saranac and I could be in the picture together. And Saranac actually sat still long enough for the picture too!

It was a quick walk back to the carpark. Got back there a little before 2:30pm. That's way better than 5pm! Awesome! Saranac and I had a great day; great walk, great views. So far Mt Holdsworth is my favorite. I will definitely be back!

GPS Data: Summit 1470m (4823ft), Distance: 17.3km (10.7miles), Total Ascent: 1223m (4012ft), Time: 6hrs 43min

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Actually saw someone else out there to take a picture for us.
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