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Do not do this on your own or without topo50 maps and compasses. 
Started at 8:00am from Putara road near Eketahuna and tramped past the Roaring stag hut 3.25hrs (great hut) and up past Cattle ridge hut 6.5hrs (crap hut) to camp out in open on Cattle ridge near the Pukeroa peak after a 10hr tramp.  A cold but dry night with stags roaring all night.  Next day we continued onto stay at Arete Biv (2 man luckly empty) for our 2nd night, another 7.5hr tramp.  I would recommend you go from Cattle ridge hut to Dundas hut instead and avoid cattle ridge its very hard going.  Sumitted Arete 8:00am to unrestritched views.  Took the Tarn ridge to next peak.  See Mitre post.