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Decided to avoid the traditional North Egmont Visitor centre and instead make this trip a bit more interesting by starting from the Plateau as advised. Well worth it as it includes a nice tramp before you get to the Tahurangi Lodge where things start to get decidedly more vertical. Poor weather left us with a lot of waiting and so we decided to do an exploratory tramp to the Lodge at least just to see how conditions actually looked, wet and windy as it was we were well prepared but with 70km/h + gust at the start of the Hongi Valley we decided better safe than sorry and headed back for hopefully better news from the Metservice website for the next day. Up at 5am the next morning and with favourable predictions of 35km/h winds and a sparkly Milky Way above us we headed out again. Hardly a breeze at the Lodge gave us the green light to summit (and even though we were not members, the Tahurangi lodge even offered us a cuppa!). The steps which occupied my thoughts so much prior to the climb was hardly worth mentioning when considered against what followed…    …the scoria slopes needs a slow and steady approach, just kept trucking and eventually the more substantial Lizard provided some firmer stuff. We broke the clouds at around 1900m and were greeted with nothing but blue sky. With a lot of the marker poles either broken or fallen over on the Lizard we just followed the advice to head just to the right of the Sharks tooth and it lead us straight to the summer entrance to the crater. There are no poles on the summit bit inside the crater so we just made out own way up and enjoyed the brilliant view.

From The Plateau 6 hours up and 3 ˝ down.
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