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Puke Ariki/Haywards Korokoro Traverse Belmont Trig
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Start point was the Dry Creek entrance to Belmont Regional Park, and I did this as part of the Puke Ariki/Haywards Korokoro traverse.  Please see my post on Boulder Hill for the first part of the journey.  Left the Boulder Hill summit around 9:30am and dropped down into the next valley and back up to Belmont road.  The day was getting pretty warm now, and the sun was beating down on us (glad I went back for my water).  Passed the old army bunkers (kids had fun exploring), and come across most of our group that had gone the wrong way and were standing on top of some nameless peak (despite my clear instructions to study the route before we left, it seems the only one who knew where we were going was me, and I was at the back).  After shouting some directions we carried on.  Waited at the gas station for the group to catch up (to make sure everyone was going the right way), and carried on.  Crossed the airstrip, then climbed up towards Round Knob.  At this point I realised I was starting to get dehydrated, and with dwindling water supplies, I was wondering whether  I was going to make it out.  Finally dragged myself to the base of Round Knob after finishing my water, and stopped for lunch (well deserved Ginger beer included).  The benefit of travelling with a large group, is someone  always has extra's of something, so with a full water bottle and a good rest, we set off again just after 12:00pm.  The sky had clouded over at this stage (no sign of rain though) and the wind had picked up slightly, so not so hot.  Still loads of great views.  Long slog to Canons Head, and then on to Belmont Trig.  After 17km's of Hiking, and numerous steep climbs, not to mention dehydration, I was feeling pretty worn out by the time I reached Belmont Trig. More fantastic views of most of Wellington from here.  Definately worth the trip up.  Set off on the final leg at 2:00pm.  I had thought the previous 17km had some steep sections.  The trip down the ridge track was an education though.  There were some incredibly steep sections, and I was going very carefully (at the back once again).  Eventually the inevitable happened, and on a steep section with newly mowed grass covering the track, I put my foot into a hole i couldn't see and rolled my ankle.  At first I thought I might have to be helicoptered out, but, always one to be prepared, I pulled out one of my instant ice packs, and applied it to the injured foot, then sent one of the young lads on to tell the others what had happened.  After 10 minutes, and some heavy strapping, I carried on very carefully.  Eventually met up with some of the group who had come back to assist, and we finally made it down to baked beans bend.  Short rest there, and then off again.  My foot wasn't as bad as I had originally thought, and now that we were down on the level I was able maintain a good speed.  Nice walk along Korokoro stream, and finally out at Cornish street at 4pm.  Total trip time 8 hours.  While this was a fantastic day and great hike through Belmont Regional Park, it was much more difficult than I had expected.  Some of the climbs are very steep, and at 23km's, it's a long hike.  Don't attempt it if you are not at least moderately fit.  While I had done some preparation, I was not as fit as I should have been to attempt a hike like this, so be warned.  That being said, what a great day.  Do give it a go.  Do it as part of a group.  It was well worth the effort.
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