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Mt Mania
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Getting There:
Head out to the Whangarei/Bream heads and the carpark is at the Mania Tavern just past Seaview Road.
The Tramp:
This is a must do for all the family.  The track has recently been completed and is of national tourist standard with something like 900 steps. It took me 40min to get to the summit platform, or 1.5Hr return trip.  I did find a way to get to the trig if you are strong & have big gonads but as I was on my own, had no local guide, it was in gale force winds and I had a time restraint I decended before completing once wisdom caught up with my bravado.  If you have an equally matched buddy and some rock climbing skills then follow the rock face left from the viewing platform.  The track is well worn to a point then you need to push past growth still heading left/clockwise until you come across a rock crevasse which was marked with a orange road cone.  I had to climb in bare feet using my back against rock wall and cracks in the other rock face to slowly pull myself up.  I do stress this is not for the faint hearted and DOC signs warn you against attempting walking past the platform area.  I suggest the platform is the peak bagged.