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First bag of Hikurangi for 2012!
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Did a mision up to East Cape to bag Hikurangi with a couple of mates, awesome trip. Weather had been pretty sketchy in the days beforehand but looked to be clearing so we decided to head on up the East Cape. Got to Ruatoria and went to pay for our hut booking to find everywhere closed, luckily this is the coast where everybody knows everybody and the helpful lady at the kai cart told us just to head on up to the mountain and talk to the people at the station, who sure enough were happy to sort us out with our hut fees. Headed up in the afternoon, waked into cloud from about 700m, made it to the hut in 3 hours, a pretty straightforward hike apart from missing the point where the track heads up to the hut from the farm track resulting in a 10 minute detour. Was pretty damp and chilly in the hut til we got a good fire going and enjoyed some farm-killed steak and a few drams of scotch. Were hoping it would clear for the summit attempt in the morning but wasn't to be, but we headed up anyway. Visibility was only around 30m so we had to pick our way carefully but made it to the summit without getting off the trail at all. Two useful bits of advice that kept us out of trouble:
1: Above the treeline when you reach a point where you can't see any more markers, head RIGHT, not straight up. you'll soon find the next marker.
2: After the last marker head up the scree gully, keeping to the left. the route eventually crosses to the right of the gully, which then forks, take the right hand fork. When you reach the summit ridge, head RIGHT to reach the trig (it's probably visible in good weather, not for us though).
The last scramble to the trig must be very exposed in clear weather, we couldn't see anything though so it didn't worry us! Was a bit chilly at the top but not too bad. Track conditions were pretty good considering the recent rain, a little mud but nothing that would worry most people. No chance of keeping the boots dry this time though! Still a great climb despite the lack of a view, and gives me and excuse to do it again some time.
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