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Mt Herbert 2009-08-02
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Hi Ian! I found it at last - only about 5.5 years after it was placed :) Actually solved it about a year ago, and just decided last night that it was time I did it no matter the conditions (they weren't too bad). Drove round to Diamond Harbour around lunchtime as I wanted to do the walk from there. Got about 500m up the track and my plans were thwarted by a Track Closed For Lambing sign. Crap. Back to the car, and onto Plan B, walk around from the Port Levy Saddle. Drove up and parked, and the saddle was closed in in its usual conditions for an easterly - completely clouded in and the wind whipping by at around 5-10m/s. Anyway set out and kept plugging my way round, and up, and just over an hour later was at the peak and in some rather strong winds. Cache was easily found and in good condition. Removed a couple of silica packs and threw a few more in. PLENTY OF ROOM IN LOGBOOK HINT HINT ;) Not wanting to hang around, I turned tail and was back at the car in a round trip of about 2h20m. As for the puzzle, I should have solved that when it first came out, but I had made a bad bad assumption about Excel. Southern Kestrel pointed me in the right direction a year ago, and I discovered why I hadn't solved it when it was first released. Mutter... mutter... Microsoft... mutter... Bill Gates... can bite me :) Cheers Gav [4357]