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Mt Bradley 2008-01-05
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Did this one caching too ;)

Well, this turned into quite a hike in the end. Moneydork and I started at Gebbies Pass and hiked in to Rocky Remarks, then up to the Packhorse, diverted to Broadleaf and Totora, and then made the decision to have a go at Bradleys Brow. It was quite a grunter on the legs, and I am sure they are going to feel it though. The gorse wasn't too bad the direction we approached from, there were some small tracks through the gorse further to the SW that we followed, but we still found one nasty patch of dead gorse that we walked through. In shorts. With no gators. Would the rest of you please harden up? :) We did have to empty our socks and boots of gorse pricks when we got to GZ however. It was at that point I read the logs on my PDA and discovered some of the fun people have had. Anyway, lovely day and fantastic views at the cache site. It seems somewhat creepy as a Cantabrian to be looking down on Sugarloaf like that. Quite disconcerting. We are also proud to announce that that last patch of gorse near the cache now has an increasingly wide swathe of destruction cut through it as we used our poles to cut a lot of dead gorse bits off in an effort to widen the track. We have decided to call this section the RedDork Track. If you use it, all we ask is that you help it to widen a little by beating the shit out of the gorse like we did! :) Then we walked back to the road at Gebbies Pass. I'm gonna feel it tomorrow... Cheers Gav [1730]