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Mt Somers 2011-02-17
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Did this one geocaching.

Well, this was a real mission to get to! In the end 4 of our group of 6 made it to the top. Started this morning at Woolshed Creek hut, and made our way up to Tussocks and Tarns. Then the real mission started as we waded the tussocks and hopped the rocks to the top. Man that was hard going. Also saw a couple of deer just 80-100m away as we were near the top of the gully. Continued the grunt up, and finally caught up with the two mountain goats from our party at GZ. Absolutely stunning day, and a fantastic view from here. We had a brief snack at the trig, and then headed all the way back down the Rhyolite track to the carpark. Wow my legs are going to be tender tomorrow ;) Cheers Gav [7433]