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Left Turangi at 9:15am so took the Napier Taihape road arrived at the Lakes car park 12:00pm.  The road trip itself has so many wonderful things to see.  The lakes carpark is well marked being 6km of metal access road.  It only took 55min up and 30min down to and from the communication tower high point on Kuripapango.  Quite a steep alpine climb but not too exposed.  The Cameron track to carpark intersection is just beyond this tower.  In summer if you say camped at Cameron camp with an early start you could take the Cameron track to Kuripapango peak then Russell track to Kiwi Saddle hut take the spur track to Kaweka peak and back or crash at one of the many huts and Bivs on this range.  It was heavy snow on the spur and being 12:50pm I decided not to risk it and drove around to the Kaweka end off Whittle Rd on return to Hamilton to explore. 

The carpark for the Kaweka peak entrance is at the end of a 12km metal road which was locked about 2km in. my 2W ute got to this point ok dispite reports Id read.  It took me 2hrs drive from Lakes carpark but at 3:40pm it was getting too late for winter conditions anyway to climb Kaweka even if the road was accessable.  Lovely country side road trip so not too disappointed, I will bag Kaweka another time.