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From the Umukarikari & Urchin track intersection you cross exposed ridgeline following blue Doc marker poles.  Careful as you near the tree line as markers disappear for a while but a large orange triangle at tree line provides 1st visual.  The new track is crap, slow, no views, not well cut but is well marked, not recommended unless you need to bag both peaks in one day, recommend returning to carpark and taking car to Urchin carpark.  2hrs to Urchin peak from intersection.  Very cold and exposed on the peak dress accordingly.  Forgot my food so a little hungry now, take plenty of water as no streams around from Umukarikari car park, see other post.  1hr to Urchin carpark then another 1-1.5 hr walk along roads to Umukarikari carpark to complete circuit.  About 8.5 hrs for me, tired and hungry.  Recommend doing these peaks separatly unless you arrange transport between carparks.

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Agree with your recommendation. The road from Umukarirkari carpark to Urchin carpark is about as attractive as a hole in the head after a long day up in the kaimanawas. Couldn't think of anything worse! Mind numbing!