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Kaimanawa Rd to Waipakahi Hut
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Day 1 of a Multi-day walk. Clear wonderful weather all day. Path was very well marked and in good condition for 95% of the route.

This is a staggeringly good walk. I cannot reccommend it highly enough. The beech forest on the climb is very pleasant and when you get above the tree line it was just breath taking. We wasted so much time just stopping to take photos and taking in the spectacle.

This is my very favorite kind of tramping. Once you are up on top there are great views round each corner. In fact I take it all back, sssh don't tell anyone, keep it secret.

We passed back and forth with a Hunter on the way to the Hut going the same route as us. He had friends making their way up the Waipakahi River and as we looked down we could see the enormity of that route - I was so relieved that we chose the Umakarikari summit route (we originally planned to return down the river). The actual summit of Umakarikari is a little bit flat and disappointing. The footpath even bypasses it!!! That's only a minor grumble on an otherwise excellent day.

The "standard" Waipakahi hut could easily be classed as a serviced one. Wood and coal for the stove, a full water supply and internal draining sink in the cooking area. Long after dark, the river walkers straggled in a good 2-3 hours after dark, which they assured us in the morning was not nice. At least we had a roaring fire ready for them. Our return route was being hastily revised.

Ended up about 8 people in a 12 bunk hut.
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Re: Kaimanawa Rd to Waipakahi Hut
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Yup that's the hut - that little white dot in the distance

Fortune Favours The Brave or The Unlucky Learn To Be Cautious?