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A tale of two tracks
« on: July 24, 2012, 07:10:08 AM »
Some tracks need clear blue sky days to get the best out of the experience, Iíve found out some need the exact opposite. On this day I happen to encounter both types.

An early morning rain radar check showed that there was already some light drizzle over Mt. William but some more substantial rain was on its way. Luckily under the circumstances Mt. William was still doable, I could drive there and bag the peak before any of the heavier precipitation arrived. A further incentive was that the track would soon be closed for lambing season, plus I figured I have tramped in worse conditions up Mt. Egmont up to Tahurangi lodge so this should present little in the way of problems.

At the end of McMillan road I parked in the small cull-de-sac and donned my wet weather gear. A short section through some soggy farm paddock lead past the Kauri Ridge track and into the Mt. William track. A short stop at the Kauri dieback station for a scrub and a clean and I was off. Predictably the rain made things a bit more slippery than usual so my tramping sticks proved very useful in keeping my vertical. Apart from that the track was in good condition and it didnít take long before I exited the reserve and headed to the final section on farmland. Tramping on a grassy track was a refreshing experience from my usual bush based tramps and after a short steep ascent to small peak, followed by s small dip and then back up again and past a radio shack(?) the peak and trig came into view. Just a couple minutes along the ridge and up the final short climb and I was standing next to the trig. No views as I was literally inside a cloud, but I look forward to coming back when it is a blue sky day so see it in its prime.

Would have love to run back down to the reserve section, but the grass was too slippery for that carry-on, still, managed it up and down in 1hr 30min.

Considering the Mt. William tramp was so short I decided to do the Kauri Ridge track as well. A quick and steep ascend was easily managed with the zigzagging track up to the ridge where the gradient became much easier and you were greeted by Kauris everywhere you looked. With the cloud and the mist that permeated through the trees it was a short but breathtaking tramp. I would say that where the cloud and the rain took away from the Mt. William track I certainly added to the Kauri Ridge track, fantastic way to cap off a day out.