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Pouakai via Holly Hut
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The Pouakai circuit with the summit thrown in turned out to be a pleasant short two days.  We had glorious weather on 30 April - 1 May.  The first day was about 6.5 hours including breaks and the second was 4.5 hours.  It took 35 minutes from the main track to the summit, a bit quicker on the way down.

Nice walk.  Track is variable - the around the mountain between North Egmont and Holly Hut is in good condition.  Much of the Pouakai circuit is on interminable but worthy wooden slats.  The summit track is much less used and not in good nick but ok by tramping standards.  Then there's a lot of up and down through the forest towards the end (if you're going clockwise).

A lovely tramp with amazing views.  If you get good weather.

Oh, Pouakai Hut looks very well used, often at or beyond capacity, so be prepared to camp or sleep on the floor (didn't happen to us but it easily could).
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Re: Pouakai via Holly Hut
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Nice work! I presume you mean you did The Northern Circuit (taking in Henry Peak as well)?
This was a lovely 5.5 hour circuit for me, although I missed out the side excursion to Pouakai that time. Did you enjoy the stairs at Henry? I was so impressed I placed a geocache there just for you  ;)
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Re: Pouakai via Holly Hut
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Yes, that's the one - northern circuit including Henry Peak.  5.5 hours would be pretty fast for the whole circuit I think, even skipping Pouakai, but about 8-9 hours with a day pack would be a quite reasonable time.  Definitely doable as a day trip.  But a pleasant overniht tramp too.

Re: Pouakai via Holly Hut
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on a clear day this is just amazing scenery.  on the to do list. my mate ol henrys the mule did the circuit over easter and didnt see a thing for 3 days it was so clouded in