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Breast Hill, Lake Hawea
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Malcolm Law says: A fantastic 2-3 hour, 4,000 ft climb along a new section of Te Araroa trail gets you to the summit from the lake. Opportunities for longer trips from there too. It made a great run over Easter weekend for me and a couple of friends.

Any thoughts?

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After finally bagging the biggest NZ peak of all and then not doing anything for a whole day, I was beginning to feel like I needed some exercise. Tim, a local mountain guide recommended this one as being the best walk around the Wanaka area. And with a name like that I couldn't wait to get up there and caress her lovely curves.

The views were fantastic right from the start and they just got better and better. It was just so incredibly, relentlessly beautiful that it was actually all a bit overwhelming. This has got to be one of the most stunning walks I've ever done, anywhere. A very hot day, and the swim in the lake afterwards was bliss. It took me about 2.5 hours up (including taking about a zillion photos on the way) and 1.5 hours down (a detour to the hut included, but not so many photos this time!).

Never mind just the peak, the entire walk is simply breathtaking. Access is easy, there is a trig on the top, and even a lovely new hut just a few minutes to the side on the way to make it into a 2 dayer if preferred. It's even part of the Te Araroa walkway. The track itself is much more fun and interesting than the monotonous plod up through farmland required on Roys Peak.

This peak is an absolute must for official status - there is simply no question.
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