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Mangaweka Trig
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I left home(feilding) at 5am after a night on it for new years and got the car park at about 6.15am and started walking about 6.45ish, after an easy walk following the poled route for about half a k I lost the poles (Still little haug over) and instead of turning left after the tree's carryed on straight up the valley right the end of the farm land and thought to myself this don't feel right so I back traked, looked through the binos trying to find the poles again and in the end backtraked to tree's and found them and followed them up to the boundry of the Ruahines by about 8 but not before a hell of a climb up the fence line, and the a nice gently stroll through the tree line to be at Purity by 10.

    Taking pic of purity covered in cloud and a quick bite I went up and up and up into the clouds (I hoped it would burn off but it never did) up a ridge the seemed to go on for ever till I evently got to what I think was wooden peg still with visibilty less than 10 metres (boy would I get a suprise on the way back past here) got iron peg 10 min later and the boggy tarn and the sign for mangaweka trig and mckinnon hut but in the direction it pointed for the trig it looked liked a straight drop.

    So i sat down on the rock next to the sign for lunch and started thinking have I come all this way for nothing (kicking my self for leaving the map on the kicthen table) when the cloud opened up for about 10 sec and the route was clear I followed the goat track down and up and down and up to come the clearing where i thought the trig should be and looked around for about 15 min getting peed off and found it in the end to be a pile of 4x2s on the ground no one told me the trig had being pulled down and that was bang on 12.00 and I was a little peed the I couldn't see more than 5 meters cause Im told the views are pretty awesum, but never the less I had bagged my first peak and it was quite a lofty one.

    I got a Little suprise when I came back past wooden peg and the sky cleared for a min and I saw what looked like a 1000m straight drop and by the time I had got back down to purity it had cleared right up(typical) at the stage it was 1.15pm and back down to the truck by 3.00pm, 8hours 15min. Didn't quite make it in my goal of under eight hours but I'll put that down to new years eve and getting a little lost.

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nice work. struck me as a peak you could easily get lost navigating in cloud without gps